All stickers are cut from a professional sign quality vinyl with a 5-7 year guarantee for outdoor use on a vertical surface. When applied properly, they should far exceed the guaranteed life span.

Use them on helmets, car windows and bumpers, shields, vinyl, planed and sealed wood, mirrors, walls, or any other non-porous flat surface. For decorative items that may be handled often, a clear enamel spray will add a layer of extra protection. Stickers may also be used as a one time stencil for porous substrates, such as fabric or pottery. We’ve also had excellent results using them for acid etching. All designs pictured below may be cut in several colors and sizes.

Current colors in stock are white, black, metallic gold, metallic silver, metallic copper, yellow, sapphire blue, burgundy, red, lime green, turquoise, beige, brown and gray. Specialty material also available are Etchmark (looks like acid etched glass), holographic confetti, and gold mirror. Custom designs and sizes are available upon request.


Check here to find information on the process of decal application.

Celtic stickers

Heraldic stickers

Native American stickers

SCA Heraldic stickers

Spiritual stickers

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